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Not long ago, a fan wrote to tell me she reads my books and imagines sitting at a campfire hearing me tell her stories. I’d rather imagine we were sitting on the bed bench of an Iroquois longhouse on a cold and windy winter evening. The coals in the fire pits are glowing. We are warm and safe while I tell you stories of a long ago time in places you never imagined, places that were once real. Whether the characters come from my mind or from legend, I’m happy to be sharing them with you.



A trilogy is supposed to have three parts. FINALLY – HIDDEN IN MIST is available.

My most profound gratitude must go to the fans of this series. You followed Picture Maker through her adventures and then, Ingrid and Ole through the perils of Greenland’s last year, into the Inuit North, and finally to their home in the New World. In Hidden In Mist, they are about to fall into the legend that brought about the existence of the Five Confederated Tribes. Thank you for waiting and writing to me to ask for the third book. I’m sorry it took so long to get it to you and hope it satisfies your expectations. Don’t forget to tell me what you think.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

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Reader’s review:

“I have been a fan of Penina’s Norse/Native American series since I first got the opportunity to read Picture Maker many years ago. Her attention to the details not only of the daily lives in the different cultures, but also the particulars of their belief systems is well-presented, making the stories much more rich for the reader.

In Hidden in Mist, we get to read the culmination of the life stories of Picture Maker’s daughter and stepson – who is Ole Red Hair. We also step right into history to watch the horrific tribal wars of the Longhouse People and others, as well as the Great Peace brought by Deganawida. Legends are addressed in this series and embraced as history, giving us faces and depth to people only heard about.

There is warfare in this book, as there are movements for peace. There is romance, but not of the conventional “love story” variety. This is a book for those who enjoy the cultural history of the Native Americans and the Norse. I heartily recommend the entire series, of which this book is the last.” —Sandy Quillon


Norse/Mohawk Trilogy Book Series

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Born into a powerful clan of women, Picture Maker is gifted with the ability to etch drawings that foreshadow the future. Her prophecy of war saves her beloved Ganeogaono people, but leads to her own brutal capture by the savage Algonquins. Through her courage and resilient spirit, and aided by a remarkable storyteller, she escapes her captors and finds refuge with the Naskapi, a peace-loving tribe. But her journey does not end there. Picture Maker’s travels take her across North America and into the distant corners of the Western Hemisphere. Certain that her future lies to the east, she crosses an icy ocean and joins the resourceful Inuit tribe. It is here that she meets Halvard, a Norse hunter who holds the key to the riddle of her birth. Together, they sail to Greenland, where Halvard’s way of life comes under attack and Picture Maker is shunned as an outcast for her special gifts. Her destiny comes full circle as she struggles to save her young daughter from being taken from her, as she was long ago torn from her own clan.

A towering saga of adventure and survival, love and loss, Picture Maker brings the fourteenth century to vibrant, unforgettable life . . . from the savage Iroquois Wars that marked a land forever, to the Norse invasions, and through the bloody rise of Christianity. It is a stunning achievement from an award-winning historical writer.


Books by Penina Keen Spinka

Penina Spinka is the author of five novels for young and adult readers: the three books of the Norse/Mohawk series that began with Picture Maker plus two stand alone novels set int he same world. Penina is currently working on two more novels: Witches & Prophets and Blood Gods. Please visit the Current Work section to read excerpts of the work and for the latest updates.

Her latest book, Hidden In Mist, concludes the Norse/Mohawk trilogy. All three books are available through Amazon.

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